What is Security System?

What is Security System?
A security system can be described as a system of interconnected devices that monitor your
home and exterior entry points. Home security systems can protect as many entry points as you
want, including interior rooms, doors and windows. These devices are usually monitored by a
control panel. The name “security system” is derived from the Greek word “security,” which
means “to secure something.”

What Is a Security System and How Does it Work?
When you have a professionally monitored security system, trained professionals will respond to
any alarm signals. This could include checking CCTV or contacting the authorities. If you prefer
to monitor your system yourself, there are several ways you can do so. If you do not want to pay

a monthly fee to a monitoring company Security System, you can install a self-monitoring system instead. Self-
monitoring can also be beneficial if you have multiple security systems at home.

Another major advantage of self-monitoring is the cost. Professional monitoring may cost two to
three times as much as a self-monitoring system. But it gives you full autonomy over the security
system and eliminates the need for expensive monthly fees. Most self-monitoring systems are
wireless and easy to install. Some systems even come with guaranteed WiFi connectivity.
However, a self-monitoring security system will have fewer benefits than professionally
monitored systems.
Professionally monitored
If you’re not comfortable installing a monitoring service yourself, you can hire a security
monitoring service. These services offer a high level of protection for a monthly subscription fee,
which can range from $25 to $50 per month. You can opt to install the system yourself to save
money, or you can hire a monitoring service to install and monitor the security system for you.
Whether you choose to monitor your security system yourself or hire a professional service, both
options offer peace of mind and increased safety. A monitored system is more effective because
a professional monitoring service is constantly monitoring the activity of the system and
responds quickly if anything is amiss.
Unlike a self-monitored system, a professionally monitored security system is linked to a central
monitoring station. This central station is notified when a burglary, fire, or other emergency
occurs in a property. While it is possible to set up a local alarm system, most people prefer a
professionally monitored system. However, some homeowners have found self-monitoring to be
more effective. Here are some reasons to consider using a professionally monitored security

The Best Smart Home Security Systems for 2022 | PCMag
Before installing a DIY security system, you should sketch the openings on the ground level and
number them from top to bottom, counting clockwise. This includes the garage service door.
Next, count the openings in the upper levels without a ladder, such as the patio door on an
elevated deck. Lastly, you should consider the security system’s location in relation to the

windows and doors. In a nutshell, the DIY security system should be able to prevent and deter
burglaries, vandalism, and other forms of damage.
You can set up a DIY security system based on the type of risks you want to protect. If you’re
worried about a break-in, you might opt for a motion sensor light and a well-placed camera on
your driveway. Or, if you’re worried about escape artists, you may want to install a motion sensor
light and a camera in your home to alert you whenever a door or window is opened. Then, you
can expand your DIY system with the addition of surveillance cameras to catch any potential

Imagined Baby X Real Baby: From Expectations To Reality

Did you know that the relationship between the mother and her baby starts from the prenatal period? That’s right! With the confirmation of pregnancy , this relationship has already begun to be established, based initially on the mother’s expectations about the child. In addition to the child’s physical growth, the idea of ​​being a mother and the construction of an image of the baby take place in the woman’s internal world.

Gradually, the mother creates a face for the baby, giving it physical and personality characteristics, and as the fetus grows in the mother’s womb, she begins to create fantasies about the child she is generating, through work psychic construction of the baby called the imagined baby Movements, images and ultrasounds allow new constructions that start as soon as the woman perceives herself pregnant, giving shape to the new person that will appear in her body, originating the imagined baby.

When the baby is born …

Studies in this area of ​​psychology show that, at birth, the real baby does not fully correspond to the baby imagined by the mother. For this reason, she needs to reorganize herself emotionally, to be able to identify the needs and desires of the baby who is there. It is from there that she will be ready to meet the real son, which means paying attention to her own characteristics.

Do not worry!

There is nothing wrong with this initial estrangement. As the days go by, with the interaction between the woman and the child, the differences are overcome by the care that the mother offers the baby. With each bath , diaper change, breastfeeding or, simply, when she takes her child on her lap , the mother recognizes her baby, better understanding her needs and feeling more and more confident in the maternal role.

It only takes time, dedication, patience and a lot of love along this journey!